For a president trying to nail down his legacy, this week couldn't have gone worse, or been more embarrassing for Barack Obama.

Starting with a weak response to the ISIS terror gripping the Middle East and ending with the disaster on his trade deal, it was one the president would likely want to forget.

In our weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby gives Obama a very rare F.

Zogby's grade notes:

"Many problems for President Obama this week. For starters his statement early in the week that his administration has no strategy to fight ISIS came out clumsily. Then his announcement of 450 new troop advisors seemed weak to his GOP critics and too much like mission creep to Democrats.

"Unemployment applications ticked up a bit and his signature domestic legislation may get a massive blow by the Supreme Court very soon.

"But this week is mainly about the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) which faced a big (very close) vote in the House. Sensing defeat, Mr. Obama went to Capitol Hill to try to rally some Democratic support but he was dissed by both the leadership and the rank-and-file. While he lost the first round, the White House is still optimistic it might pass next week.

"But the president has lost his base and it looks like Democrats are emboldened to run away from him again -- as they did in 2014. If TPA loses, it will redefine the Democratic Party for years. The president's legacy is at stake."

Grade -- F

Down from last week's C-minus