A new Zogby Analytics Poll of 1,680 likely Democratic primary/caucus votes shows former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in a commanding lead over any of her real or potential rivals for the presidential nomination. The new poll, conducted June 5-10 and which has a margin of sampling error of +/-2.4 percentage points, has Mrs. Clinton leading with 50% over Vice President Joe Biden with 13%, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 9%, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley with 5%, former Rhode Island Senator and Governor Lincoln Chafee at 2%, and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb with 1%. One in five voters (19%) is undecided.

Mrs. Clinton's strong support is across the board. Among self-described Democrats she racks up 61% support and she does well among liberals (64%), moderates 51%, 30-49 year olds 53%, 50-64 year olds 52%, and those over 65 (48%). She also is doing well enough among 18-29 year olds with 45%. She also garners 48% support among Hispanics (48%) and African Americans (57%). She has more support among women (53%) than men (48%) - but 20% of women are undecided.

Mr. Biden does best among both African Americans (19%), Hispanics (17%), and moderates (14%).

As of this moment, one potential red flag for Mrs. Clinton is among independents where she is polling 35% to Mr. Sanders' 12% and Mr. Biden's 10%. Mr. O'Malley seems to have started catching on with 18-29 year olds where he now polls 11%.

Mrs. Clinton has taken some press hits in the past two months and her numbers have slipped already. She is now starting with a public image campaign which may possibly help soften her image among voters - or, like former Vice-President Al Gore in 2000 - may be one or two "reinventions" too many. It may also be good news that her numbers have shown some slippage so that she does not go into the Iowa caucuses polling so high that she cannot meet unrealistic expectations.

But her numbers have indeed slipped and the campaign is just beginning in earnest.