The latest Zogby Analytics Poll shows that voters feel that Democrats are better equipped to handle eight of the twelve issues offered. The nationwide online poll of 3,225 likely voters was conducted June 5-10 and has a margin of sampling error of +/-1.8 percentage points.

Voters give a thumbs up to the Democrats on creating jobs (31%-25%), the environment (37%-16%), income inequality (33%-16%), abortion (34%-22%), helping the middle class (34%-24%), understanding the middle class (30%-24%), Social Security and Medicare (33%-21%), and health care (36%-24%).

Meanwhile, the Republicans are seen as better handling the economy (30%-27%), foreign policy (34%-22%), taxes (29%-25%), and national security (36%-18%).

Some observations. First, the GOP may only hold leads on four of the twelve issues tested, but those are arguably the top issues facing the country today, according to voters. The very hefty leads on foreign policy and national security should be particularly troubling to the Democrats.

Secondly, the Democrats are seen as better at creating new jobs. That perception, after a crushing recession, can be a boon to the Democrats by suggesting that voters do feel the growth of new jobs and give them at least some credit for it.

Third, it should also be a help to the Democrats that they are still seen as more sensitive on issues like understanding the middle class and on income inequality. The GOP may trump on some big issues but if they are seen as being remote from the average Americans, that could spell continued trouble.

But, speaking of trouble, the underlying numbers here should cause some real consternation for party leaders and candidates. The numbers of voters who say that "neither party" is equipped to handle these are staggering: creating jobs (28%), the economy (27%), the environment (28%), foreign policy (25%), taxes (30%), income inequality (35%), abortion (27%), helping the middle class (26%), understanding people like you (32%), Social Security/Medicare (31%), health care (28%), and national security (24%).

Making believers out of those significant numbers of jaded voters is what political campaigns are all about. But will there be enough voters out there listening to the candidates this time? Both parties are truly on the ropes this time.