In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby can be tough, like when he gave President Obama an F last week for flunking on trade. But Zogby said it was only fair to give the president a much better grade this week after Obama helped to revive his trade deal.

"These report cards are complicated so I am going to explain my process this week. First, the president is coming off last week's 'F,' mainly because of the defeat of 'Fast Track' by his own party. This week the House GOP - along with 28 Democrats - voted for 'Fast Track,' so it is alive. It is now in the hands of the Senate which has passed it already.

"Prospects for one of Mr. Obama's legacy items are now better, which I believe gets him to a C-minus.

"But - and I know this will offend some people - every political figure gets an upgrade when compared to Donald Trump's presidential announcement this week. That was a travesty and in typical fashion he used the media - and his paid audience - to boast about his wealth, himself and to sound as much as possible like Randy 'Macho Man' Savage before a WWF bout. (And those were fake, too).

"And once again the president was called upon to speak after the horrible tragedy in South Carolina and he was very strong."

Grade - B-

Up from last week's F