In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby found that President Obama's legacy was greatly improved by two key Supreme Court decisions, endorsing same sex marriage and Obamacare, and passage of controversial trade agreements.

"There have been some bad weeks and some less than stellar ones. This one was the kind of week that most presidents can only dream about."

A GOP Congress passed the largest free trade pact with the largest market in the world.

"The Supreme Court voted 6-3 to uphold 'state' subsidies under Obamacare."

"A combination of major southern states and retailers vowed to stop manufacturing, selling, or making prominent the Confederate Flag."

"And the Supreme Court followed by declaring marriage to be a constitutional right. These are the kinds of events that will make headlines in history books and enhance the legacy of Mr. Obama. There may very well be more bad weeks, but this one was one for the record books."

Secrets asked Zogby to size up Obama's legacy so far, and he put him in the second tier of the greatest presidents ever.

"As someone who taught history for 24 years, these are the sorts of things that do not make Obama an FDR, Lincoln, or Washington, but can, with some perspective, certainly place him up there with Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Harry S. Truman," said Zogby.

He added: "He was elected to be a transformational president, which is a mighty heavy lift. He certainly was in terms of a huge demographic shift in our electoral process. As for policy, look at the record. He promised to pull U.S. troops out of two bad wars; health coverage for more Americans; preventing a depression; expansion of gay rights; free trade and a shift to the Pacific; and immigration reform. While racism became an open sore, the horrible event in Charleston has caused a dramatic shift in our national conversation."

"He also represented a shift in the U.S. role overseas from THE superpower to a partner with regional powers."

"But he has fallen short on income inequality, on domestic surveillance (although no major terror attack on his watch), and ISIS."

Grade — A+

Up from last week's B-