A Zogby Analytics poll taken in the heart of a very good week for President Barack Obama shows him with a job approval of 46% and 52% disapproval. The online poll of 1,341 likely voters nationwide, conducted June 23-25, has a margin of sampling error of +/-2.7 percentage points. Two weeks earlier, the President’s rating was 45%.

Generally, there was little movement among many sub-groups. However, the President’s support rose significantly among several key elements of his political base. His approval among Democrats rose to 83% (14% disapprove) from 79%-14% in the earlier poll. He also increased his approval dramatically among African American voters – up from 82% (16% disapproval) to 92% -8% — and liberals from 72% to 88%. Voters in union households now overwhelmingly approve of the President’s job – 68%, up 13 points – and the Investor Class is up 3 points to 49%.

Assuming any new trends is risky business for a pollster, but we could see the President go up even further in the next round of polls, especially among the very same groups above. This would be as a result of the news settling in about the Supreme Court’s decisions on Obamacare (which took place in the middle of the poll) and gay marriage (which was announced when most of the poll was completed). He may also improve his numbers even further among both African Americans and liberals as a result of a powerful eulogy he delivered mainly after the poll was finished.

On the flip side, we could also see some stronger disapproval numbers among those groups that intensely oppose both of the Supreme Court decisions. This week we should hear some news involving the longtime negotiations with Iran over its nuclear development plans. A good deal could raise the President’s support among younger voters who tend to favor such initiatives, but even further alienate older voters – only 41% of 41 to 64 year olds and 32% of those over 65 presently favor Mr. Obama’s job performance.

My hunch is that the President may see a slight improvement but – barring any major failures – his overall approval numbers will be frozen with a couple of points either side of this 46%.