What a difference a couple of announcements can make. First, former Governor Jeb Bush’s declaration that he is indeed running for President gave him the predictable bounce that most candidates normally get. Then the travesty of real estate developer/reality television star Donald Trump’s all-for-show announcement probably made some Republicans stare into the abyss and see a bona fide travesty. In any event, the newest Zogby Analytics Poll of 350 likely Republican primary/caucus voters nationwide has Mr. Bush in a solid first place position with 20% support. His closest challenger is famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 10%. No other candidate reaches double digits and several have dropped precipitously since the last Zogby Poll taken just two weeks ago.

Bush and Dr. Carson are followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 8% (6% in early June) and Trump 8% (6% before), then Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 7% (9%), Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 6% (11%), newly announced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 5% (5%), Florida Senator Marco Rubio 4% (7%), former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tied at 3% (down from 7% for Huckabee and from 1% for Jindal), former Texas Governor Rick Perry 2% (4%), and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, and Ohio Governor John Kasich all at 1%. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former New York Governor George Pataki did not reach 1%. One in five (22%) are undecided.

Mr. Bush’s support is at or around 20% among men and women, all age groups, and self-identified Republicans. He receives 30% support from moderates and 16% with conservatives. His major problem area is with independents – who factor significantly in both Iowa and New Hampshire – among whom he scores only 4%.

Mr. Huckabee, who was polling well prior to this, should be particularly troubled by these results. Presently he is the loudest voice against the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage, but polls show that even a majority of younger Republicans support the ruling.

But this poll should also prove troublesome to Messr. Walker, Paul, and Rubio whose stars are dimming for the moment. There is a long way to go and Mr. Bush did just announce – an event that produced bounces and moments for the three candidates, too. However, to be declining in the polls following early momentum is clearly moving in the wrong direction. Watch the attacks on Mr. Bush begin in earnest now that he has to be knocked off of his perch.