As the first televised debate among the top ten Republican candidates for President approaches, a new Bliss Institute/Zogby Analytics Poll shows mogul Donald Trump with a growing lead over his nearest rival, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Mr. Trump leads with 25% of the vote over Mr. Bush's 17%. Rounding out the top ten contenders among a total of 17 who were tested are: Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin with 9%, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson with 6% each, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with 5% each, Florida Senator Marco Rubio with 4%, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 2.4%, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry tied with former Hewlett-Packer CEO Carly Fiorini at 1.8%. That adds up to 11 candidates. Former New York Governor George Pataki scored 1.6%, while everyone else rounds down to 1% or less. One in eight (12%) remain undecided.

For the record I am not happy using public polls this way especially once we get to the predictable arbitrary cut off at the bottom. The Bliss Institute/Zogby Analytics Poll was conducted online nationwide August 3-4 among 565 voters likely to vote in either their state's GOP primary or caucus. It has a margin of sampling error of +/- 4.2 percentage points.

But there is no debate about Mr. Trump's dominance at the moment. He leads among both men (23% to 20%) and women - especially the latter (27%-14%), as well as conservatives (24%-17%) and moderates (23%-18%), Republicans (23%-20%) and independents (27%-10%).

While Mr. Bush leads among those who listed their second choice (13%), the other candidates were pretty much bunched together on this question - Rubio (9%), Christie (8%), Carson (7%) and Trump (7%). About the same percentage of those who presently support Mr. Trump (26%) to 17% for Mr. Bush, with no other candidate scoring above 5%. But there is no doubt about the GOP voters felt will receive the most publicity from the debate - a whopping 67% said Mr. Trump to only 8% for Mr. Bush.

I think that very last byte of data is the most telling of all. There is no doubt that Donald Trump has connected with GOP voters this summer. A lot of it has to do with his persona of breaking all the rules - saying what he feels, not minding who he offends, taking on the establishment including the media who are not so popular these days. And angry voters may be populist but they do not dislike billionaires. When I have asked word association questions about billionaires in the past, I get responses like "blessed", "fortunate", "worked hard", "self-made" and so on. The populist urge is to rage against the machine not any one man. Wealth is a sign not only of success the hard-earned way but of liberation and independence. Hence, angry voters appreciate someone who probably means it when he says "I don't care what anyone says, I am going to say it". But the larger question here is what happens when the music stops, when the sound bites become repetitive, when the single mom with cancer needs a hug and the helicopter is waiting.

Mr. Trump marches on for now. How much longer can he sustain this? I don't really expect much to happen at the debate. If 67% think he is going to get the most publicity, why would another candidate enable that?

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