While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the current field of Democratic candidates for President in 2016, Vice President Joe Biden provides some potential drama in her quest for the nomination.

According to the new Bliss Institute/Zogby Analytics Poll of 459 likely Democratic primary/caucus voters nationwide - conducted online August 3 and 4 - 48% said they want Mr. Biden to seek the party's nomination, while 34% said he should not. The poll has a margin of sampling error of +/-4.7 percentage points.

The promotion of Mr. Biden comes mainly from self-described Democrats (50% to 33%), liberals (41%-35%), moderates (53%-36%), Baby Boomers (53%-31%), Hispanics (60%-23%) and African Americans (55%-32%).

The poll also reveals Mr. Biden's impact should he enter the field. Without Mr. Biden, Mrs, Clinton leads her challengers by a wide margin - 64% to 18% for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with 4% for the other candidates and 15% undecided. With Mr. Biden's name added to the mix, Mrs. Clinton polls 48% (a loss of 16 points) to Mr. Biden's 21% and Mr. Sanders 15%. It is clear that Mr. Biden impacts Mrs. Clinton the most. Among Democrats, her lead goes from 67% to 17% over Mr. Sanders, to 51% to 26% for Mr. Biden and 15% for Mr. Sanders. Her lead among independents drops from 48% to 26% against Mr. Sanders - to 33% to 22% for Mr. Biden and 18% for Mr. Sanders. Mrs. Clinton drops 17 points among men (from 64% to 47%) and 15 points among women (64% to 49%) with Mr. Biden added in.

Now, make no mistake about it, Mrs. Clinton still enjoys a hefty lead. Three in four of those polled said they are satisfied with the current field and - by a factor of 62% to 25% -- the likely Democratic voters said that she "deserves the party's nomination" vs. "it is time for someone new". Those should certainly, at least on the surface, be considered healthy numbers.

On the other hand, when majorities of Hispanic, African American, and single voters say they want Mr. Biden to enter it suggests that she still has a problem generating some enthusiasm among the key Obama Coalition.

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