In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby finds that President Obama can smile wide for continuing to keep his Iran deal alive and pushing ahead on climate change by curbing coal plant emissions.

Says Professor Zogby:

"Another reminder about my role: I give grades on the basis of what has happened not what I want to happen. It is all about performance and leadership skills, moving the ball, dealing with opposition. Regardless of whether I agree or not.

"In this regard, the president got game this week. Anyone thinking that he is a shrinking violet, chastened by defeat in 2014 was treated to a little bit of Andy Jackson and a whole lot of James Knox Polk.

"He is the president and he will establish mandates for carbon emissions until and unless someone beats him at it. He negotiated a deal with Iran — and incidentally five other world powers -- and there are no signs Congress will undo it. He pounded his opponents by comparing them with those who supported the war in Iraq — he did because they did. And they didn't like it because they said he was not setting a bipartisan tone. Like inviting the Israeli Prime Minister during the negotiations.

"Augusts have been cruel to Mr. Obama — but not this August."

Grade — A

Up from last week's B+