In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby finds that President Obama is finally getting a break, 16 days on Martha's Vineyard, giving him time to consider how to handle major problems facing his presidency like the growth of Islamic State and the national debt.

"We all get a vacation, right? And to quote his immediate predecessor, the 'job is hard.' Mr. Obama goes to Martha's Vineyard this year with a sense of having revived his presidency and learned how to deal (and not deal) with his opposition.

"The challenges remain: Islamic State, the excessively large numbers of people (and growing) who are in poverty, an $18 trillion national debt, a record amount of taxes that average Americans must pay, and an impending sense of doom that many middle class Americans feel.

"But he also has to feel that no one is emerging yet with any better ideas to fix any of these national problems. He rests in quiet amidst a lot of noise."

Grade — B

Down from last week's A