In both the election of 2000 and 2004, one of the key questions was which way blue collar Americans would vote. Would they vote as economic populists, favoring the New Deal liberalism of the past, or would they opt for the traditional values of God, guns, man/woman marriage and life as passed down by their parents? In both cases, they opted for George W. Bush and let their more conservative side show. That is when I first began to notice NASCAR Fans - lower middle income, white, manly, conservative, and ready to display manly values.

In 2006, among the aggregated sample of 3,351 likely voters who described themselves NASCAR Fans in Zogby Polls, 58% said they were conservative, 25% moderate, and only 12% liberal. This coincided with their partisan identification: only 20% called themselves Democrats, while 54% identified as Republican and 26% independent. Interestingly, back then 32% said they were making at least $100,000 a year and only 24% were making under $50,000. Well over half (57%) had a college degree. And they were white - 82% of them - while just 7% each were Hispanic or African American.

Just under one in five (18%) belonged to a union, 31% under 17 had children living at home, and 39% had passports. A majority of 56% owned a gun.

By 2015, looking at our aggregated sample of 1,653 NASCAR Fan, we find that the number of Democrats has double to 39% and the number of Republicans has declined to 36% -- a 37 percentage point swing. One in three (33%) identified as liberal - almost triple that of 2006 - and the percentage of moderates has expanded by five points up to 30%. It is the number of conservative that has shrunk down to 37% -- a loss of 21 points.

What is so stunning now is the diversity of the sport's fans - only 63% are white while the percentage of Hispanics has tripled to 22% and African Americans has grown to 11%. Asian Americans grew from 1% to 3% -- as did the percentage of Jews. One other notable difference is that there are a tad more from large cities (from 30% to 33%) and suburbs (25% to 27%) - both at the expense of smaller cities and rural areas. Only 36% have college degrees and the percentage of those earning less than $50,000 has swelled to 47% -- about double that of 2006. Those earning over $100,000 are now down to 23% (from 32%). A majority have passports (51%), 11% are GLBT (a figure we just started tracking in 2013 when it was just 6%), gun owners are down six points to 50%. Forty four percent say they are members of the Creative Class and 21% say they have gone with food for 24 hours at a time because of a lack of money or food.

As with the Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers, this change did not happen overnight. It has been a steady progression. This is a group that our post election surveys showed supported Barack Obama in both of his elections and tilts Democrat in supporting his job performance and in 2016 match ups.