The Republican Party better settle on a candidate, a message, and resolution of its internal differences very soon or it faces a blowout in 2016. A new Zogby Analytics Poll of 850 adults 18-34 years old conducted on August 25 reveals that if Millennials turnout to vote, the GOP faces nothing short of a catastrophic election. The Zogby Poll was conducted online among that age cohort who are smart phone users - at least 86% of the total.

President Obama receives a 66% job approval rating from the full group, which matches the vote percentage that he received in 2008. Only 29% disapprove. The President's approval is enormous among men (75%), women (57%), 18-24 year olds (68%), 25-34 year olds (65%), Democrats (88%), liberals (87%), moderates (66%), college graduates (62%) and those who have achieved less than a college degree (61%). White Millennials give him 57% approval rating, while his numbers have soared among Hispanics (72%), African Americans (82%), and Asian Americans (79%).

Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers, a group of Millennials who have been growing since the economy went sour in 2008, back the President with 73% approval, as do Catholics (72%), Born Again/evangelicals (66%), Creative Class (74%), social networkers (70%), those with passports (74%), and NASCAR Fans (78%).

A majority (55%) of independents and even 41% of Republicans and 42% of conservatives give the thumbs up to Mr. Obama's performance.

The President is the one national figure who can generate enthusiasm among young voters and these numbers should give him and the Democrats the confidence he needs to campaign and make his case to young audiences and social media. By a margin of 46% to 38%, more 18-34 year olds feel the nation is heading in the right direction over the wrong track.

It comes then as no surprise that when the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton is matched against leading Republicans among Millennials she is walloping them. Thus she leads former Florida Governor Jeb Bush 48% to 24%, with 20% favoring someone else and 9% undecided. Her margin grows against mogul Donald Trump 51% to 25% with 16% preferring another candidate and 7% undecided; former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina 50%-17%, with 21% other and 12% undecided; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 50% to 21%, 19% other and 10% undecided; Florida Senator Marco Rubio 48% to 21%, 19% other and 12% undecided.

Significantly, Fiorina brings no advantage among women; Rubio none among Hispanics; Walker among conservatives; and Trump among no one at all. It is hard to not conclude that there is something wrong here for the GOP. Certainly, Mrs. Clinton has serious flaws and that alone can make this race competitive. Also, the party is undergoing not only a serious split but a period of dominance by a reality television star who is casting a shadow over everyone else. But most importantly, when I see that nearly half of this Millennial age cohort is non-white and that even Born Again/evangelicals support the President and the possible Democratic nominee, I have to wonder how the GOP reaches a majority of support to win a national election. I do need to underscore that I have seen over the past decade a decided difference among younger Christian conservatives who have a completely different agenda than their older counterparts. They are more inclusive, more concerned about poverty in their community and worldwide, and more supportive of efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The GOP has a real problem and it begins with a capital M for Millennials. But the Democrats will have to be sure they turn out in respectable enough numbers.