In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby finds that President Obama is on the verge of scoring another legacy victory in the Iran nuclear treaty.

"The stock market has been on a rocky road, but President Obama did just fine this week. He now has 37 Democratic senators backing the Iran nuclear deal, enough to block a congressional override of his promised veto of a rejection. He is now in striking distance of 41 senators backing the deal, which could prevent the rejection from even taking place.

"Then there is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying that there will be no effort to force a government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood or anything else.

"And the Labor Department report has good news with 173,000 new jobs being created and the unemployment rate falling to 5.1 percent.

"A new Zogby Analytics Poll shows that 66 percent of millennials approve of Mr. Obama's job and 46 percent think the country is headed in the right direction."

Grade — B+

Up from last week's B