Donald Trump went into the debate with a big lead, followed by Ben Carson, then Jeb Bush - according to a new Zogby Analytics Poll released earlier on Wednesday. Trump is likely to lose support after the second GOP debate. While he discussed some specifics about immigration, and was again the street fighter and counter-puncher, he mainly relied upon his tactics of ridicule, aggressiveness, and braggadocio. But he was the clear loser in his confrontation with Carly Fiorina in his response to both the question from the panel about his criticism of her looks and his response to her. She said: "Mr. Trump, I heard what you said and every woman in America heard what you said". She received thunderous applause. Trump's reply that he thought Fiorina is "very beautiful" was a tasteless moment. He lost the debate at that moment.

Fiorina was the clear winner again. She was clear, strong, focused, forceful and visionary. She simply triumphed in this debate as she did in the first debate.

Winners also included Dr. Ben Carson who got some decent air time and had an opportunity to spell out some specific policies on immigration, foreign policy, the economy and the minimum wage. But he also came across as congenial, modest, and as a reasonable outside. He is a force today and likely to be one tomorrow as well.

Chris Christie was the comeback kid. He stated his record both as a governor in a blue state and as a federal prosecutor. He has reduced taxes, vetoed over 400 bills in a Democratic-controlled legislature, and reminded folks as to why he was a contender in the past. I am not sure if he will rise in the polls because that will depend on some candidates getting out of the way.

If I can pick a fourth winner, then I go again with John Kasich who stayed on message by declaring his long record of achievements in Congress and as governor of Ohio, a state that is a must win for the GOP in any presidential contest. He refused to be drawn into the Great Donald Show and used every opportunity to explain why he is at times the adult in the room. He can work with both sides, he can be reasonable, and he can get the job done. He also has beaten Democrats when the odds were against him.

Marco Rubio is eloquent and the face of the GOP tomorrow. He can be on the ticket in 2016 or run and win in the future. He is most impressive but he is a VP nominee more than likely. But let's see what happens when the numbers of candidates thin out.

The big losers besides Trump were Rand Paul who has been fading and Scott Walker. He is not as affable as his father and he was too anxious to get into a brawl with Trump before he took the pro-active position on his issues. When he stuck to his issues, he did well. He certainly picked up in the end but I think it was too late by then. I think he lost the crowd early and his fading poll numbers will probably not rebound. Walker has also been fading in neighboring Iowa and nationally. He was indeed forceful but he was outgunned by two other governors, Christie and Kasich.

Somewhere in the middle were both Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush. Huckabee still has some juice but he probably too extreme with his defense of Kim Davis in Kentucky. It is sincere but she is alone in her battle and his appearance looks too opportunistic at this stage. He is outshone by other conservatives on the stage.

Jeb Bush just doesn't have the crowd. The best known name in the race is just not making any strides. He did indeed have more energy in this debate and he came to life in appropriately taking on Trump, but I just don't see him gaining after this, at least for now. He did get some applause .

Ted Cruz could very well pick up support if Trump fades and Huckabee steps aside.