A new poll by Zogby Analytics puts President Barack Obama at a 47% job approval, while 49% disapprove. The new online poll of 1,211 likely voters nationwide, conducted September 18-19, has a margin of sampling error of +/- 2.9 percentage points.

The slight uptick in his overall approval numbers since last month means that the President remains solid among his base (and his party’s base) constituency groups. His ratio is 59%-37% among voters in the 18-29 age group and 53%-38% among those 30-49 years old. His numbers are upside down with older voters – 37%-59% with 50-64 year olds and 36%-62% among those over 65.

Mr. Obama remains sold among Democrats (79%-17%), liberals (77%-20%), moderates (53%-40%), college graduates (51%-47%), Hispanics (65%-34%), African Americans (89%-7%), voters in union households (59%-34%), the Investor Class (51%-46%), the Creative Class (55%-45%), and LGBT voters (52%-40%). He is polling 36%-51% among Born Again/evangelical voters – a little better than his 2012 re-election numbers with this group.

His numbers are down among Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers (45%-51%) and NASCAR Fans (45%-50%).

What doesn’t bode well for Mr. Obama or his party is his showing with independents (37%-54%), whites (38%-47%), voters in union households where there is a veteran (44%-52%) and Catholics (39%-55%).

Perhaps more ominous is that still only 31% feel the nation is heading in the right direction. Nonetheless, the President has the wind at his back for the time being.