In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby finds that President Obama was able to share in some of the glow of Pope Francis and get people, maybe, to forget their concerns about the country for awhile.

From Zogby:

"Among the worst things about being president is to face a myriad of profound global challenges and feel like you are swatting flies. Polls show most Americans don't feel that America is great any more and only 31 percent believe the country is heading in the right direction.

"And yet among the best things about the job is the honor of welcoming foreign leaders and basking in the glow of adoring crowds.

"Standing next to a man like Pope Francis with who has a 79 percent approval rating is really a good thing. And coming up is Obama's time to look presidential internationally when he welcomes world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, to the United Nation, just days after also hosting China's president for a White House State Visit."

Grade -- B

Up from last week's C minus