In a week dominated by the the House Republican leadership chaos, nothing President Obama did looked worse, said our weekly Obama Report Card professor John Zogby, author of our weekly presidential report card.

From John Zogby:

"A president cannot help but look better with a Congress like this. Some may oppose my grading on a curve but all the attention this week went to a dysfunctional House majority stung by the fact that no one wants to be its leader.

"It is also a problem in a democracy when intensity Trumps (sorry for the pun) majority. A very passionate Freedom Caucus can overwhelm a speaker and grind things to a halt. For those out there who will cheer on the caucus for putting roadblock and brakes on both the president and his GOP collaborators, remember that the role of a Congress is to legislate, to make policy, to — how shall we put it? — do something.

"Meanwhile, the president explained why there are no good options in Syria, why President Putin is the real loser (not winner) for his actions, and why he will act along on guns. Who is out there to credibly say he is wrong?"

Grade — C

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