There is an old saying that when Democrats form a firing squad they do it in a circle. While the Republicans have certainly learned how to do the same, the Democratic National Committee is back at it. Just when party leaders thought they could breathe a sigh of relief that their frontrunner (former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) met positive expectation for her debate performance and the deputy frontrunner (Vermont Senator Bernie Senator Bernie Sanders) generated a lot of enthusiasm without laying a glove on the champ, word comes that there is trouble in the party after the debate.

First, two vice-chairs charged this week that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been acting autocratic and not consulting other party leaders about the skimpy presidential debate schedule. While the chair denies this, word is leaking out that she has issued the moral equivalent of a fatwa about having only six debates and is seen as stacking the deck for Mrs. Clinton.

Second, even though Mrs. Clinton's debate performance seemed to suggest that there was little room for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race, it is appearing more and more like that is exactly what he might do. In response to that potential move, the ever-feisty California Senator Barbara Boxer has warned Mr. Biden to not do it and endorse Mrs. Clinton -or face the wrath of the women Democrats. Whew! For those of us who have fun making predictions, there is nothing predictable here at all. Aside from the fact that the DNC is having about as much fun in all this as the GOP caucus in the House is having trying to find someone to run for Speaker, this Democratic situation warrants some analysis.

In the first place, Mrs. Clinton is a wounded frontrunner - not because of any other reason that herself. She has baggage but, even under her best circumstances, she just does not appear to generate enough enthusiasm among the party's base - especially young voters who do not see her as trustworthy or offering any change. We have plenty of evidence from numerous polls that now show her trailing all of the putative GOP nominees mainly because of this lack of enthusiasm among Millennials. If they do not show up to vote next November, that means a dampened turnout among Latinos, African Americans, and Asians who represent about 40% of young voters.

In the second place, Mrs. Clinton is a divisive character simply because of who she is. Even though her husband's presidency is viewed favorably and he remains a popular figure, that popularity simply has not translated to support for her. It's like the joke we used to hear back in 2000: Bill Clinton and Al Gore went for a drive in a convertible. It started to rain and Al Gore got wet. Make no mistake, she comported herself very well in the first debate, but Millennials interviewed afterward were just not on board. If they stay home, Democrats have a very difficult time winning.

Enter Joe Biden. What does a 72 year old, establishment, Irish good old boy bring to the race. Well, for starts, he doesn't have to prove his authenticity. He has always lived it and continues to feel his own pain, enabling him to feel that of others. Next, he makes a better case for continuity of the two terms of a still popular President. In this case, former Governor Martin O'Malley helped tee this one up for the Veep - we elected a President twice, not a magician. He (President Obama) got a lot done. There is still more to do. This is the kind of rationale for a candidacy that can make a lot of sense for the Democrats. Senator Boxer and Chairman Schultz may not like it, but if Mr. Biden gets traction, where can they go?

Mr. Biden, old hand and warrior that he is, offers something fresh to the race. A smiley face, a politics of hope, and the kind of family we all want to have. But what about a woman? I have said before that the Democrats' dream ticket is Mr. Biden and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who is young, very smart, courageous, has taken on the military brass on sexual harassment, and no novice to rough and tumble politics.

Just some thoughts. Next I will write about the GOP dream ticket.