A little bit of good diplomacy on his part and a show of support on Middle East policy from Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton all adds up to a good weekly grade of B for President Obama, reports pollster John Zogby in his weekly feature for Secrets.

From John Zogby:

"The week offered wall-to-wall attention on Hillary Clinton, and she had a very good week. She should send thank you notes and boxes of chocolates to Vice President Joe Biden and to all GOP members of the Benghazi Select Committee.

"In the process, she ended up not only strengthening her candidacy, but also defending with clarity the policies of her boss, President Obama.

"What was supposed to be a brutal, game-changing week for her turned out to be very good for her and great for him.

"Meanwhile, facing dual crises in Syria and Israel-Palestine, public word is that the Obama administration has made small step progress with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Nothing historic, but diplomacy nonetheless."

Grade — B

Same as last week's B