In his weekly presidential report card, pollster John Zogby finds that even though President Obama and the Democrats took a beating in Tuesday's elections, he made up for it in Friday's job numbers.

Reviewing the week, Zogby reports:

"What a difference a day makes. My first draft, which I normally write on Thursdays, was a pretty bleak picture of the president. He and the Democrats took a shellacking in Tuesday elections, especially in Kentucky where a Tea Party darling was elected governor promising to dismantle the very successful Obamacare experience in that state. Could that be a prefigure for 2016? But then Labor Department's unemployment figures came out and Mr. Obama is rescued from the precipice. A total of 271,000 new jobs were created in October — about 100,000 more than economists expected — and wages are up. The unemployment rate is down to a human scale 5 percent."

Grade — B

Down from last week's B+