President Barack Obama's job approval has sunk to just 43% according to the latest poll by Zogby Analytics. In the new poll of 1,002 likely voters, conducted nationwide October 30-31, the President receives a 53% disapproval rating. This is down from his 49%-48% ratings in early October's Zogby Poll.

The President has dropped 12 points to 49% approval among the key 18-29 year old age group - a group that he won with 66% in 2008 and 61% in 2012. He only has the support of 47% of moderates, 80% of African Americans, 64% of Latinos, 42% of Catholics, 46% of NASCAR fans, and 45% of Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers. These are all groups that provided him majority support in his re-election bid.

The poll was taken before the Labor Department released its report on robust job growth in October, but the numbers are significant. In national polling by Zogby, the possible nominee of the Democratic Party, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is deficient in obtaining winning levels of support from these very same groups who are essential for a Democratic victory. The one proven energizer of this base has been President Obama himself. If these anemic numbers continue to plague him he may offer insufficient support for the Democratic nominee.

It will be essential for these groups - particularly young voters - to turn out in big numbers. Remember, nonwhite voters are 40% of the Millennial base and nonwhites have voted for Mr. Obama by huge margins.

In addition to the Democrats making stronger inroads in generating enthusiasm, the President will have to do a better job of getting his numbers back up among this key group.