President Obama gets a good grade on his weekly report card for spelling out an aggressive new lame duck agenda and having the good luck of the military strike on the infamous "Jihadi John," says our grader and pollster John Zogby.

From Zogby:

"The president's polling numbers remain at about 45 percent approval, but this is no lame duck. Mr. Obama has laid out an offensive that will aggressively pursue fulfillment of a number of legacy items. These include his longtime promise to close Guantanamo, to secure approval of the TPP trade deal with Asia, to implement the Iran nuclear deal, make progress on global warming and to build a coalition to take on ISIS."

"He may have been boosted already by a drone hit that targeted Mohammed Emwazi, the infamous 'Jihadi John.'

"We are still waiting to see if he was actually killed. If so, this will win universal acclaim for the president. A decent week."

Grade — B

Down from last week's B+