John Zogby, our grader and pollster, says President Obama took a hit on his goal of bringing more Syrian refugees to the U.S. after Republicans, with help from 47 Democrats in the House, voted to limit the president's plan.

From Zogby:

"Last week's events in Paris are beyond horror. And they have set off a fury of panic and partisanship that no one really needs. Thirty-one governors are placing holds on any entry of Syrians into their states, the House has voted to stall funding for Syrian refugees until the administration's vetting process is reviewed, and some presidential candidates have suggested a compromise of only allowing Christian Syrians into the U.S.

"The president angrily denounced these efforts from the G-20 Summit in Turkey, which was focused on a more comprehensive response by the world's major powers toward Syria. Fear is understandable, panic gives terrorists just what they want. The U.S., in the midst of war and horror in the past, has a history of giving in to xenophobia. Only ask Americans of Chinese, Japanese, German and Italian descent.

"But no one remembers these moments fondly with pride. Through it all Mr. Obama's approval numbers dropped about a point. I will be like Solomon this week and offer to cut things in half. The president held steady but the GOP, with 47 Democrats, won their vote in the House to scrutinize Obama's Syrian refugee plan and drew their line in the sand."

Grade — C

Down from last week's B