With the nation seemingly more divided than ever, President Obama should move to take charge and set a national agenda. But he isn't, leading pollster John Zogby to give the president a below average C-minus in his weekly White House report card.

From Zogby:

"I am on the road again and it is hard to find neutrality about President Obama. Two women came up to me after a Chamber of Commerce speech in Miami. One said she has never been more terrified, the other said she feels the president has tried but has never gotten the cooperation he has needed. Both are right.

"The threat of terrorism and mass shootings is pervasive. But inside (as well as outside) the Beltway there isn't just disagreement over what to do, there is vitriol. We cannot reach agreement on war or peace, climate change, immigration, healthcare, guns, anything.

"Unemployment today is half of what it was at its peak, but we cannot even get an agreement on that. Ever have a teacher who threw a hissy-fit because he was angry at everyone? That's me right now.

"No one has bragging rights after San Bernardino. But the guy who leads the class has to take the responsibility on the bad days, too. Yet his polling numbers have stayed the same and both new jobs and wages grew."

Grade — C-