I honestly cannot say that Donald Trump has finally crossed the line. He actually did that the day he announced his candidacy for President. Then he kept crossing the line repeatedly after that. I honestly do not care if his poll numbers were and continue to be high. My own polls show strong support for him and if they continue to do so I will honestly report the numbers as they are. We all need to know the truth. Even when it hurts people.

But his call to bar Muslims from entry to the United States is so contrary to the best traditions and the national character of the American people, I need to speak out as clearly as I can. I think everyone else should as well.

First, there are some things you need to know about my pedigree. My father, Joseph Rachid Zogby, a Catholic Lebanese sailing from the then Ottoman Empire, came illegally in 1924. National origins quotas were the order of the day and when he missed the quota he came in illegally. Within 5 years he owned a business with his brothers and then put three children through college. My sister, brother and I did just fine. He and our wonderful Arabic-speaking mother set the high standards for us.

So I have a built in bias: I believe in immigration, even those who come to the United States illegally, because anyone willing to swim a river, climb a barbed wire fence, ride in the back of a truck under God knows what conditions, and dodge a bullet to get here is someone I want on my team. Character, determination.

In the past, the United States has actually prohibited Chinese and Japanese, limited southern and eastern Europeans, and turned a deaf ear to Jews -- for what? It brought out the worst in us and no one looks at our xenophobic moments with any sense of pride or nostalgia

I personally know the American Muslim community and have polled them extensively for Georgetown University, the Department of Labor's Bureau of the Census, multiple branches of the U.S. the military, several think tanks and others -- and know the several million to be loyal, patriotic, easy to assimilate Americans. Muslim Americans are Eagle Scouts, city councilmen, military veterans, scholarship winners, leading entrepreneurs, and much more. Trump's arguments are vicious and have no place in the public discourse. While he has the right to speak them, he should be roundly criticized by the entire GOP, the entire Democratic Party, the Chamber of Commerce, government officials, leaders of non-profits, everyone one of us who writes for Forbes, everyone.

He has crossed the line and he is a threat to our security. We live in world of 1.6 billion Muslims and this is offensive and counterproductive.