Our weekly presidential report card finds President Obama with a near failing grade for his inability to punch through the Donald Trump-dominated political environment with his Oval Office address on how to fight the Islamic State.

Pollster John Zogby also notes that Obama has slipped in polling and would barely eek out a victory over Trump if an election were held today.

John Zogby's weekly analysis:

"What if a president gave a speech and no one paid attention? Is it still a speech? While President Obama's address was an attempt to reassure Americans that the U.S. has a strategy to combat ISIS and that we all had to remain true to our nation's ideals of freedom of religion and a tradition of welcoming, it was all (pretty much like everything else these days) drowned out by Donald Trump's suggestion of banning all Muslims from entering the country."

"Mr. Trump gets a lot of attention by being outrageous, although many Americans are not amused. Nor are his rivals for the GOP nomination who are having a hard time breaking through. But now it is difficult for a president of the United States to break through."

"Mr. Obama has slipped a point in the polls and a new Zogby Poll shows him only beating Mr. Trump 41 percent to 38 percent in a hypothetical match. It is the highest Trump has gone in our poll and comes after his comments on banning Muslims."

"Mr. Obama was ignored, not a good thing."

Grade — D