Our weekly presidential report card finds President Obama rebounding well on the back of the GOP's passage of the budget and his team's success in Paris on winning a global climate deal.

Pollster and weekly report card grader John Zogby says simply, "He won the week."

John Zogby's weekly analysis:

"While the president's polling numbers have gone down a point or two in the past week and many Americans remain frustrated and frightened, Mr. Obama can claim three significant victories this past week.

"First, his administration led international efforts that led to a 195-nation climate agreement. While not legally binding, it creates a global mandate that puts countries on notice to limit carbon emissions.

"Second, the White House worked closely with GOP leadership to pass a comprehensive budget to assure spending and revenues for the next fiscal year and avert another government shutdown.

"Finally, the Federal Reserve announced that it will increase interest rates one quarter of one percent, a controversial move in some quarters but one that recognizes that the economy is out of recovery and into a steady growth mode.

"No doubt there is plenty of criticism of the president on all of these points, but the simple fact is that he won this week."

Grade -- B

Up from last week's D