Senator Lindsey Graham's Presidential quest never really took off. Though a staple of Sunday talk shows for many years, a gifted prosecutor, the closest friend of Senator John McCain (a former nominee), a bona fide independent, and a gifted legislator - he just never caught on and he barely even registered in the polls.

Perhaps the biggest hawk in the room, many of his plans and ideas for taking on ISIS and re-establishing American interests in the Middle East are outmoded and probably counter-productive. The United States cannot reassert itself in a region where our very assertion is viewed as the problem according to many Arabs and outside observers. Besides, while everyone loves the guiding principles of "America" - along with our educational institutions, culture, science and technology, and people - it appears to be the "self-interests of the United States" that too often pose a problem. The time for a muscular approach to problems on the ground has come and gone, actually a long time ago.

But the problem is the Mr. Graham has a legitimate point of view, is articulate in debates, and adds so much to the discourse. He is also a man of courage. Instead of merely paying lip-service by criticizing the dangerous anti-Muslim rhetoric of Donald Trump, he actually apologized for it and for his party. Mr. Graham is honorable and an adult.

I also know Mr. Graham on a personal level and he is the kind of guy who is practical and with whom you would be proud to do business - even, as others have done through his leadership, make a deal. How about that? A good guy, a man of integrity, a real legislator, and someone who really knows the art of the deal.

The GOP needed Senator Graham on the debate stage and in a more visible role in this campaign. He will be missed.