Our weekly presidential report card finds President Obama wrapping up 2015 in a strong position to push his final year agenda.

Pollster and weekly report card grader John Zogby says Obama "enters his final year ready to rumble."

John Zogby's weekly analysis:

"It has been a good week from the vantage point of President Obama and his supporters.

"While Iran is testing the resolve of the United States by conducting ballistic missile tests, this is more for domestic political concerns in Iran than a serious violation of the nuclear agreement that they desperately need. The administration has vowed to enact additional sanctions.

"Mr. Obama also plans to require more licensing for informal gun sales dealers. Regardless of one's position on gun rights, the president is acting with resolve.

"He also looks back at a rebound year for him and the presidency: the Iran deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the reopening of the American Embassy in Cuba, a 195-nation climate agreement, and more. After 7 years, Mr. Obama has hit his stride and enters his final year ready to rumble."

Grade — A