President Obama had another busy week, releasing his latest gun control executive action, watching his namesake Obamacare take a hit in the House, and juggling international troubles. It ended with some good news on jobs.

John Zogby finds that Obama hit it out of the park this week:

"President Obama ended 2015 on a high note and begins 2016 on the bully pulpit. In what normally is a lame duck year for an incumbent, this president is aggressive and commanding the national agenda.

"Opponents beware. He is winning on gun control and the polls show that. He is the only figure who can generate enthusiasm among the Democratic base and this base — notably young men and women of color and voters in the Creative Class — are with him on guns. He has deftly defined this issue, owns it, and is able to hammer his own party's candidates to support him at that own risk going into the election. The December job report shows that the economy grew by a better than expected 292,000 and the unemployment rate stayed at 5% because more people are looking for jobs. Mr. Obama is winning."

Grade -- A