Our presidential report card grader, John Zogby, credits the president for building on his agenda and legacy.

John Zogby found Obama is working hard to secure his agenda.

"Just as Jimmy Carter redefined the role of former president, Barack Obama seems to be rewriting the rules of presidents in their last year in office. He is moving quickly and non-stop to get in as much of his agenda as he possibly can — and leaving it to the courts and historians to judge his value. His week started with the release of Americans held in Iran and with a Democratic debate where the front-runner embraced him and his policies.

"It moved along with a Russian announcement that peace talks with the U.S. and other powers over a resolution to the Syrian crisis will move forward. The week ended with a new Zogby Poll showing the President with a 47 percent job approval rating, with 49 percent opposed. A very bad week for the stock market but I spent the past two weeks conducting focus groups in Upstate New York among social service providers and found wide acclaim for the impact of the Affordable Care Act."

Grade: B+