Our presidential report card graders seemed to be looking at two different Obama worlds this week, with John Zogby chortling at how President Obama appeared to be the only professional in the business.

John Zogby:

"How could the president look anything but good, or at least better, this week? Bill Clinton is looking tired, frail and weak. Chelsea Clinton throws a bash, gives away tickets, and still no one shows up. Bernie Sanders' health is good 'for the most part.' Susan Sarandon trashes Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump turns a hissy fit into a major event. Fox's Megyn Kelly forgets that she has posed for GQ. Roger Ailes, who has slaughtered people for whining, is whining.

"Are there any other people running for president? Hard to find them. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama's numbers are up to 49 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval over the last four polls. Go to the head of the class because all the dunce seats have been filled."

Grade: A