Our presidential report card grader John Zogby had a lot to chew over this week. Zogby focused on the positive report on jobs and wages go tive President Obama a high grade.

John Zogby

"While the punderati (my word) were engaged in Iowa and onward to New Hampshire, we almost forgot that there is a president still occupying the White House. This was the week of two failed summits — one in Vienna concerning Syria, and the other at the White House involving President Obama, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and Speaker Paul Ryan. Neither went well. The Vienna meeting broke up after a couple of days over procedural issues and mistrust among participants. The White House luncheon broke up over serious political differences and mistrust among the participants. Yet there are still people who want this job. The president's polling numbers did not suffer — his approval and disapproval are tied.

"January's Labor Department report brought reality and help to the president: 151,000 new jobs, seasonally adjusted additions to job growth in the previous two months, wages up 2.5 percent, and a 4.9 percent unemployment rate."

Grade — B+