First allow me to establish my creds: I am 67 years old and write extensively about Millennials. For us very important Boomers, there are more of them than there are of us and they will determine the outcome of this election. We Boomers - I call us "Woodstockers"-- have already done it all and have nothing to prove except, perhaps, to learn how to graciously pass the torch to a New Generation who will "bear any burden…" You know that one.

But we, and our elders, have been acting a bit out of control, of late. And it is unseemly. We need to step back and understand that we have accomplished a lot in our lives --not the least of which includes having prepared and trained a new cohort who are ready to lead. In the words of my terrific and brilliant co-author Joan Snyder Kuhl, "Millennials matter". They do indeed. They, as I have said over and over again, will determine the outcome of this election.

So why can't we just be gracious, genuine, and adult? So many folks have already weighed in about Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright, so I will, also. Feminism is all about empowerment, the ability to observe, to weigh, to determine, and to decide for one's self. Period. It is not about following the leader. That is so not Millennial. Gloria Steinem's dictum that young women were supporting Bernie Sanders because they were "chasing boys" and that is where the boys are, is so preposterous and embarrassingly dumb. It is so incredibly beneath the icon who defined the feminist movement to suggest that young women are only, in the words of Ingrid Michaelson, "girls chase boys chase girls". I know Ms. Steinem has apologized, but she betrayed an authoritarian sensibility about liberals that is unbecoming and dangerous not just to young women. Was she really saying that "we created a path to your liberation; now you are slaves to our orthodoxy?" I fear yes but I hope not.

I am a liberal Democrat but neither is true about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. She is a bully, pure and simple. The reason why her statement that there is a "special place in hell for women who do not support women" betrays something about who she really is. She may have thought she was being funny but she has never really been very funny before. Why not start now? What she said is who she really is. "It's my way or the highway" in Madeleine's world.

And then there is former President Bill Clinton once again turning mean on the campaign trail. How dare anyone not vote for his wife? Don't they realize that a pact was made many years ago that each would become President? There is an entitlement and why don't young people get it? After all, young people, especially African Americans, already blew it once in 2008.

There is something so unseemly about people who have achieved great things but who opt to mud wrestle in the trenches long after their time has passed. Steinem, Albright and Clinton have done their thing well, taught their lessons, and have earned the right to elder statesmanship.

But the real message is much simpler. Those of us "d'un certain age" have worked hard to empower the next generation to think for themselves. Some young women have said that they would love to have a woman become President. They want and expect it to happen. But they have also said that they may not consider Hillary Clinton to be that woman. I know that Millennials place a premium on authenticity and many could very well see a 74 year old socialist as more genuine, clear, and to the point. Millennials will determine the outcome of the Democratic primaries. They did once before. A word to their parents and grandparents: it is not that they are not listening to us. It could very well be that they have listened to us and they are going to make their own choice. We call that "choice". Sound familiar?