My friend and colleague at the University of Virginia, Larry Sabato, beat me to it - but only by a couple of hours. I have said right along that a Rubio/Kasich (or even a Kasich/Rubio) GOP ticket in 2016 is the Democrats' worst nightmare - and possibly the Republicans' only hope. Sabato outlines his reasoning but I will go into a bit more detail why this move makes a whole lot of sense and it should be done right now.

First, it takes Marco Rubio to a whole new level. Someone who can make a bold decision, early in his campaign, and position himself as the only challenger to the frontrunner, Donald Trump. This is a move that would place Rubio right up there with Ronald Reagan in 1976 when he chose a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania, Senator Richard Schweiker, to be his running mate even before the GOP convention. It did not work for Reagan but it got him pretty close and it revealed a very practical side to the future President. He could work with a moderate.

Second, it furthers the notion of a whole new face for the Republican ticket. While John Kasich is another older white man, he represents another ethnic tradition, roots in the coal and steel country of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and a non-Anglo Saxon. A bona fide sons of blue collar America ticket.

Third, Kasich probably needs to get out of the race as soon as possible in order for the GOP to stop Trump. He says he intends to stay in to compete in Massachusetts and Michigan - states where he can do well - and Ohio, where he can win. But by that time it may be too late. Rubio, for his part, has got to go on a win streak and these are the states where he can do best against Trump, providing no one is siphoning votes away from him. Time for Kasich to go. Selecting him early as a VP nominee allows a successful governor to be graceful, gracious, newsworthy, putting party and nation ahead of personal ambition, and positioning himself for the future quite well.

Fourth, Kasich can deliver Ohio and help considerably in some Midwest states (e.g. Indiana and Missouri) in a general election. This is no small consideration. A ticket containing two popular guys from the Florida and Ohio puts the Democrats in a position where they really have to fight this one out.

Finally, Rubio needs some heft. His youth can really work for him. So can his ethnicity. After yesterday's results in Nevada, we see that Hispanics will vote in big numbers in 2016. And they will come out to vote against Trump. Rubio is the firewall. He cannot win against a Democrat among Hispanics, but he could stop some bleeding. And, as he showed in South Carolina - led by the endorsements of Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott - some Republicans want to put the ugliness of racial divisiveness behind them, their party, and their states. Kasich provide a message of compassionate conservativism - a perfect contrast to the harder edge that Trump represents.

But more importantly, Kasich can be the Joe Biden in this race - the seasoned, successful, likable, ethnic guy. The turn to guy who knows his way around the party establishment and the Congressional leadership. He is the "Aw, come on guys, we can get this done" kind of guy that the young idealist really needs. He is the Lyndon Johnson to John F. Kennedy and the Joe Biden to Barack Obama.

Every minute that Rubio waits is a wasted minute - and could be too late to stop Trump from his march to the nomination.