As the saying goes, "politics ain't bean bag". I might add that you don't get to be President and then re-elected with another majority by displaying good bean bag skills. Barack Obama has overcome odds to push through his agenda and now it looks like he might be on the winning side again in the dispute over choosing the next justice of the Supreme Court.

The Republican majority in the US Senate, who must ratify any Presidential appointment to the high court, has already dug in and said that the next justice must be selected by Mr. Obama's successor. Understood. The President won in 2012 and the GOP won the Senate in 2014. Let's call that a draw. But there are already some chinks in the GOP armor as some Senators have said that their party must not be so inflexible as to adamantly refuse at least an up or down vote. What does it hurt to at least consider and vet a nominee - then dismiss him her on the merits? Despite this, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Whip John Cornyn restated on Wednesday that the Senate would just not take the matter up until next year.

Then word leaked out that the President is actually giving strong consideration to nominating a moderate Republican from Nevada. Brian Sandoval is a respected former jurist and now popular Governor of this swing state. He also appears to have the support of the Democratic Minority leader Harry Reid, also from Nevada. Sandoval and Reid have met privately and have hinted that the Governor is on the short list.

But McConnell and Cornyn still hold firm. No one will be vetted until there is a new President. But let's look at the implications. Obama is indicating that he might just cross party lines to make what could be the most momentous decision of his Presidency. He is declaring a willingness to compromise while the GOP position appears inflexible. Secondly, Nevada is a potential swing state in 2016. While Nevada has been blue in recent Presidential elections, there is a tight race for the Senate seat being vacated by Reid. A Senate diss of a sitting Governor from their own party could be fatal. So too could an even worse mistake: Sandoval is an Hispanic and the GOP has gone out of its way to alienate Hispanics over the years - possibly even nominating Donald Trump who has gone out of his way to run a campaign thus far which has been openly hostile to Hispanics. An automatic dismissal of an Hispanic nominee could be a huge mistake.

I don't know where this will lead. Maybe Sandoval is not on any short list. But the leaked story is only going to show a President who was willing to extend an olive branch by picking a moderate Republican, when he could have held fast to a liberal Democrat. He also shores up his party's Hispanic base - and perhaps drives up Hispanic voter turnout. And he helps secure a Democratic Senate seat.

At the very least, he gets mileage by showing the kind of chess skills that won him his office with majorities twice - while relegating his opponents to being simply full of beans on this one.