Our presidential report card grader John Zogby found that President Obama's effort to force the Senate GOP hand on a Supreme Court nomination was the big deal of the week.

John Zogby

"A mixed bag for the president this past week. Higher than average unemployment rates still plague 36 U.S. states and still only 30 percent feel the U.S. is headed in the right direction. But a possible — not probable, but possible — breakthrough in Syria with a multiparty ceasefire scheduled to take place offers a glint of hope for at least some humanitarian aid in that poor country.

"And Mr. Obama played some hardball with the Senate on a possible Supreme Court pick and ended up the public relations winner. Whether Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a moderate Republican, was ever a serious choice or not is less relevant than the fact that Mr. Obama embarrassed the Senate leadership, helped the GOP further alienate Hispanics, and caused an internal rift with the party itself. The lame duck still plays a decent game of chess. Sandoval bowed out anyway but score one for White House."

Grade B