Hillary Clinton is the Dominant Choice for Sixty-Four Percent of African American Voters Who Are Likely to Vote in the Democratic Primary or Caucus

BETHESDA, Md., Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The RLJ Companies today announced the results of a nationwide African American survey conducted by Zogby Analytics. One thousand randomly selected African American adults nationwide were polled by telephone and online survey. The survey reveals current African American sentiment on a range of issues that include the 2016 Presidential Election, opinions about national and current affairs, the Obama Presidency, race relations, and social issues.

Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies stated, "The RLJ Companies released its second survey in follow up to our 2013 survey as part of our ongoing efforts to ascertain the opinions and views of African Americans. The survey focused on issues most important to the African American community, as well as their attitudes and opinions towards a range of national issues. We hope the results will be informative to people and organizations who are concerned about the views and opinions of over 38 million African Americans represented by this statistically valid survey."


2016 Presidential Election

  • 87% of African Americans surveyed are registered to vote and 69% believe they will definitely vote in November.
  • Hillary Clinton dominates the race among Democrats with 64% of African American voters who will vote for her and 20% of responders chose Bernie Sanders.
  • Six-in-ten African Americans, or 59%, believe Hillary Clinton will be as good a President for African Americans as President Barack Obama.
  • If the General Election were held today and Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee, the matchup against the following Republican candidates show:
    • Clinton (83%) v. Trump (7%) with 10% not sure
    • Clinton (81%) v. Rubio (6%) with 13% not sure
    • Clinton (81%) v. Cruz (6%) with 13% not sure

National Issues

  • 80% believe that eliminating illegal police shootings of young Black men is the most important issue and an important factor in deciding whom to vote for in the Presidential Election. Other issues include ensuring voting rights (69%), affordable college tuition (68%), income inequality (68%), and terrorism/ISIS (68%) also received a high percentages.
  • A significant majority of respondents (58%) feel that Black Lives Matter should spend more time both calling for an end to Black on Black murders and drawing attention to police shootings.
  • African Americans are divided when it comes to gay marriage. One third (33%) strongly agree with the U.S. Supreme Court decision to rule it legal, while 26% strongly disagree.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of respondents believe that getting an education is an important factor for what African Americans can do for themselves to achieve progress.
  • 59% of respondents would advocate for financial reparations for the past years of slavery.

Obama Presidency

  • 61% of African Americans surveyed strongly approve of President Barack Obama's job performance.
  • Under President Obama, 48% feel better off financially than before he became President
  • 44% believe President Obama did more than expected to help the African American community.
  • There is a divide when it comes to President Obama's legacy:
    • 45% believe his legacy will be defined by the fact that he was the first Black President.
    • 46% believe it will be defined mainly on what he accomplished.
    • Younger voters (58%) believe his legacy will be defined as the first Black President.
    • Older voters (63%) believe his legacy will be defined by what he accomplished.

The RLJ Nationwide African American Survey Report can be found at: http://www.rljcompanies.com/news/

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