US Allies Very Unfavorable of Trump

A new Zogby Analytics online poll conducted March 21-24 in Australia, (1,000 adults), Germany (1,000 adults) and the United Kingdom (1,500 adults) shows across the board disdain for Donald Trump. Overwhelming majorities of adults in the three United States ally countries express high unfavorable ratings for the Republican presidential candidate. Almost three-quarters of adults in Australia (73%), Germany (73%) and the United Kingdom (72%) say they are very or somewhat unfavorable of Donald trump. Even more pressing is the fact that the very unfavorable percentages ranged from 58% in the United Kingdom to 60% in Australia and 63% in Germany.

In all three countries these ratings were consistent with age, gender and education. Although, in Germany the very unfavorable rating reached 74% among those age 65+.

President Obama on the other hand enjoys overwhelming popularity in the three ally countries. Whereas nearly three-quarters surveyed in Australia, Germany and the UK were unfavorable toward Donald Trump, the opposite was true when it came to President Obama. He enjoys a 77% favorability rating (somewhat and very favorable combined) in Australia and Germany, and a 73% favorability rating in the United Kingdom.

US Allies Think the US is Headed in the Wrong Direction

Whether news of Trump's candidacy is to blame for the lackluster feelings about the United States is yet to be confirmed, it's still not good that three of the United States' allies see things headed in the wrong direction in America. Nearly half (48%) of the 1,000 adults surveyed in Australia and Germany said things were headed in the wrong direction, while slightly less (43%) of the 1,500 adults surveyed in the United Kingdom had the same sentiment. On the flipside, only 12% in Australia, 9% in Germany and 13% in the United Kingdom said things were headed on the right track. There were still many adults surveyed who were unsure of the direction of the United States; 40% said they were not sure in Australia while 44% each were not sure in Germany and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, things were more dismal. Among the 1,335 adults surveyed, more than half (54%) of Americans thought things were headed in the wrong direction, while 31% said things were on the right track and 15% were not sure.

Trump Continues to Lead among Republicans

A new Zogby Analytics online poll conducted March 21-24, among 437 Republican likely voters, shows Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz 43% to 31% followed by John Kasich in third place with 16%, and 11% who are not sure. Trump's numbers are fairly consistent among, age, gender, income and region. He does best among Independents (48%) and those living in the east (54%).

Clinton Holds Big Lead against Sanders

A new Zogby Analytics online poll conducted March 21-24, among 635 Democratic likely voters, shows Hillary Clinton with an insurmountable lead against Bernie Sanders, 58% to 32%, and 10% who are not sure. These numbers are consistent across the board, with the exception of 18-29 year olds, among whom Sanders leads Clinton 50% to 41%. Sanders, also does much better among those who earn $25,001 - $35,000 annually with 40% of the vote, compared to Clinton's 47% of the vote. Clinton does best among Democratic likely voters who earn $75,001-$100,000 annually and those earn more than $100k annually; Clinton beats Sanders 67% to 25% and 71% to 23% respectively among higher income voters.