Zogby Analytics conducted a nationwide random online survey of 876 likely voters in the US from 4/28/17 - 4/29/17.


Overall, do you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump's job as president?
1. Strongly approve 19.8%
2. Somewhat approve 23.5
3. Somewhat disapprove 9.4
4. Strongly disapprove 40.7
5. Not sure


*Numbers for strongly and somewhat are added and then rounded up or down.

Overall, Trump's approval is down among likely voters in the latest Zogby Poll. Since our last poll of likely voters in February, his numbers have decreased from 48% approval to 43% approval in May. Currently, half (50%) of likely voters disapprove of Trump, which is up from 43% who disapproved of the president in February, while 7% of likely voters are not sure in the May poll. The defeat of the Republican healthcare bill designed to repeal and replace Obama Care and a sluggish economy the first quarter could be partly to blame for his lower approval numbers.

On the other hand, Trump being the firebrand he is, still has broad support among his base and the sub-groups who were instrumental in electing him to the presidency, but the groups who opposed his candidacy still disapprove of him and continue to voice their opposition.

The biggest surprise in this new poll is Trump's approval among Hispanic voters, which is at 45% approval/51% disapproval. In February the numbers were less among Hispanics at 39% approval/53% disapproval.

Among the group's who approve of Trump, a majority (52%) of men approve of Trump's job as president and 57% of women disapprove of Trump's job as commander in chief. Trump's support among men has decreased from 55% in our last poll, and more women disapprove (57%) in this poll compared to Trump's 50% disapproval among women in our February poll.

President Trump was getting major support from Republicans; an overwhelming majority (83%) of the GOP voters approved of Trump's job in February, while 77% of the GOP voters disapprove this round.

Support among Independent voters has increased from 43% to 46% approval. A majority of younger voters (18-29 years old) disapprove (53%), while 39% of younger voters approve of Trump's job as president. These numbers were identical 3 months ago.

Older voters-50-64 year olds and voters 65+ are more likely to approve of President Trump, 47% and 56% respectively. Regionally President Trump also receives high marks from voters in the South region (50%). When it came to the type of area voters live in, voters in small cities (49%) and rural areas (52%) approve of President Trump's job as president, while 33% of voters approve and 61% disapprove who live in large cities. More voters in the suburbs disapprove (46%) of Trump than approve (43%).

NASCAR fans (64%), weekly Walmart shoppers (50%) and homeowners (48%) continue to approve of the job President Trump is doing as president.

Voters earning less than $25k annually were more likely to disapprove at 53%, while voters earning $75,000-$100,000 annually (54%) were most likely to approve of Trump's job as president. Investor class voters (those with assets of $30k+) were more likely to approve of Trump compared to creative class voters (people who work in STEM jobs and other unique professions) who were more likely to disapprove at 56%.

Frequency tables can be found here.