President Trump’s Approval


In our recent nationwide online survey of 856 likely US voters, conducted from July 14 to July 16, 2017, Zogby Analytics analyzed voters' attitudes regarding President Trump's approval/disapproval rating. The margin of error for this survey was +/- 3.4 percentage points. The following percentages represent numbers combined among strongly and somewhat attributes for President Trump's approval/disapproval rating.

It's been a difficult few months for Trump-the Russiagate scandal will not go away in one form or another and the Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Both issues, along with other problems around the world have slowed President Trump's domestic agenda, and some are wondering if President Trump can accomplish any signature piece of legislation during his first term.

President Trump's overall approval is at 42%, while 54% of likely voters disapprove of his job as president; these are pretty much the same numbers since our last poll in June. The president's numbers are strong with men at 48% approval/49% disapproval, while they are weaker among women voters-37% approval/58% disapproval. This has been a consistent theme with Trump's numbers among men and women.

As we have seen over the last year, President Trump does well with voters over the age of 50 and not so hot with voters under the age of 50. When we dig into specific age sub-groups a trend emerges; amongst Millennials age 18-29, the president receives 26% approval/65% disapproval; voters age 30-49 give the president 42% approval/53% disapproval. As the age of voters increases so does Trump's approval-voters age 50-64 give Trump a 49% approval/ 48% disapproval and voters age 65+ rate Trump's job at 50% approval/49% disapproval.

For this poll we did oversamples of minority voters to better look at the President's support levels. There wasn't much change but we were able to dig deeper and get granular with sub-groups among minority voters. While numbers were pretty consistent, there were certain outliers and a few trends that we found interesting among African American, Asian and Hispanic sub-group voters when it comes to Trumps' approval/disapproval rating.

Among 345 African American likely voters, 21% approve/74% disapprove of the president's job. These numbers are pretty consistent throughout, except for a few interesting areas. Trump's approval jumps double digits among young African Americans age 18-29--33% approval/57% disapproval and among even younger African American voters age 18-24; he receives a 33% approval/53% disapproval rating. Among African American voters who go to church on a weekly+ basis President Trump receives a 41% approval/58% disapproval rating. Independent African American voters give Trump a 31% approval/57% disapproval rating.

Among 255 Asian American voters surveyed, Trump's approval stands at 31% and 63% who disapprove. The numbers are consistent among many of the sub-groups we analyzed, but we do see a steady increase in the President's approval among Asian voters age 25-34--47% approval/47% disapproval; Asian voters with children <17--40% approval/54% disapproval; Asian voters who are Catholic (46% approval/47% disapproval); Asian voters who attend weekly religious services (58% approval/41% disapproval); Asian voters who are NASCAR fans--51% approval/45% disapproval; Asian social networkers--41% approval/55% disapproval; Asian voters afraid of losing a job--41% approval/59% disapproval and Asian weekly Walmart shoppers at 45% approval/44% disapproval. While most of these groups tend to lean more right, it's interesting to see that trend continue among Asian sub-group voters.

We also surveyed 358 Hispanics voters and their numbers were not far off from previous surveys at 31% approval versus 65% disapproval of Trump's job as president. His numbers improve among those working part time--41% approval/54% disapproval, Hispanic Republican voters--75% approval/20% disapproval, Southern Hispanic voters--40% approval/58% disapproval, Hispanic investor class voters--61% approval/36% disapproval, Hispanic home owners--40% approval/59% disapproval, Hispanic union members--43% approval/53% disapproval, Hispanic NASACAR fans 53% approval/45% disapproval, Hispanic voters who recently lost a job--54% approval/46% disapproval, and Hispanic Weekly Walmart shoppers--42% approval/55% disapproval.

Rounding out the rest of the sub-groups from the overall of sample of 856 likely voters, Trump's biggest support comes from Catholics (47% approval/50% disapproval), Born Again voters ( 67% approval/30% disapproval), voters who attend weekly + religious services (71% approval/28% disapproval), and Southern voters (46% approval/50% disapproval). Voters in the west are less enthusiastic at 38% approval/59% disapproval. A majority of all income groups from voters who earn less than $25k annually to greater than $150k annually, disapprove of President Trump's job.

When it comes to where voters live, large city voters (39% approval/55% disapproval) and small city voters (32% approval/60% disapproval) are more likely to disapprove of President Trump. Trump does slightly better in the suburbs--42% approval/56% disapproval and he remains popular in the rural areas with 56% approval/41% disapproval.

Trump also gets higher marks among married voters versus single voters; homeowners versus renters; voters who recently lost job versus those who have not recently lost a job; voters working at a job that pays less versus those who are not a job that pays less; creative job sector voters compared to those not working in the creative job sector and NASCAR fans and Weekly Walmart both of which have traditionally given him high approval.

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