In our recent nationwide online survey of 856 likely US voters, conducted from July 14 to July 16, 2017 we analyzed voters' attitudes regarding President Trump and Russiagate. The margin of error for this survey was +/- 3.4 percentage points.

A plurality of likely (44%) believe that Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer was illegal (37% disagree). Not surprisingly, attitudes toward this event strongly follow party lines: 72% of Democrats believe that the meeting was illegal while only 16% of Republicans share that opinion. Similarly, Don Jr.'s actions are poorly received among all demographics groups that traditionally lean Democrat: 73% of African American voters and 62% of voters in the 18-24 age group consider the meeting to be illegal. Female voters are a bit more reticent in their attitudes: 24% chose answer 'not sure' compared to only 13% of male voters.

On balance, voters do no think there is currently sufficient ground for President Trump's impeachment but the results are tight. President Trump still has a bare plurality of voters in his corner: 45% of survey respondents either strongly disagree or somewhat disagree with the impeachment compared to 42% who either strongly agree or somewhat agree. The good news for the President is that the intensity is with the voters who believe Russian involvement does not provide sufficient ground for impeachment - 35% voters strongly disagree with the impeachment while 26% strongly agree. This issue once again highlights the partisan divide: while 74% of Republicans believe that Russia-related discoveries do not provide sufficient grounds for impeachment, 68% of Democrats believe that they do. Once again, intensity is working in favor of the President: while 64% of Republicans strongly disagree with the impeachment, 44% of Democrats strongly believe that there is enough ground for the impeachment of President Trump.





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