President Trump's August Approval


In our recent nationwide online survey of 1,300 likely US voters, conducted from August 4 to August 7, 2017, Zogby Analytics analyzed voters' attitudes regarding President Donald Trump's approval/disapproval rating. The margin of error for this survey was +/- 2.7 percentage points. The following percentages represent numbers combined among strongly and somewhat attributes for President Trump's approval/disapproval rating.

The President's approval rating has rebounded somewhat since our July poll. Following a series of disastrous weeks, Trump's approval numbers have moved up slightly, especially among his base and a few other sub-groups not known for their support of the president. On the heels of replacing key White House personnel, Trumps looks for a reset after 200 rather chaotic days in office. Recently, President Trump has talked tough to North Korea and has supported sanctions against the nuclear dictatorship, while also trying to reign in leaks coming out the White House. As President Trump embarks on his first vacation for the next seventeen days, he still has many battles to fight and he is in desperate need of a victory both at home and abroad.

President Trump's overall approval is at 45%, while 51% of likely voters disapprove of his job as president and 5% are not sure. The president's numbers are stronger with men at 49% approval/48% disapproval, while they are weaker among women voters-40% approval/53% disapproval. The president's approval rating improved a little among women in our August poll.

As we have seen over the last year, President Trump does well with voters over the age of 50 and not so great with voters under the age of 50. Among Millennials age 18-29, the president receives 34% approval/56% disapproval; voters age 30-49 give the president 45% approval/52% disapproval. Voters age 50-64 give Trump a 48% approval/ 47% disapproval and voters age 65+ rate Trump's job as president at 47% approval/49% disapproval. Trump's numbers this time improved with voters younger than 40 while they decreased a few points with voter older than 65.

When it comes to party, President Trump's numbers are steady among Republican likely voters; he has a 76% approval/22% disapproval rating among Republicans, which is almost identical from our July poll. Among Independents, Trumps numbers have improved nearly seven points to 40% approval/50% disapproval. The president's numbers are still down among Independents from a few months ago.

Among African American likely voters, Trump's numbers remain the same at 21% approve/74% disapprove of the president's job. Trump's numbers improved with Asian American voters surveyed; Trump's approval stands at 43% approve and 55% who disapprove. This was also the case with Hispanics voters and their overall numbers; Trump saw one the biggest improvements among any sub-group with Hispanics; his approval increased 11% to 42% approval versus 55% who disapprove of Trump's job as president.

Rounding out the rest of the sub-groups, Trump's biggest support and other improvements came from his base. These groups are Catholics (53% approve/43% disapprove), Born Again voters (62% approve/32% disapprove), Southern voters (44% approve/50% disapprove). Trump's s approval increased 10% in the west to 43% approve/52% disapprove. There was also an increase among voters in the East, in July Trump had 41% approve/55% disapprove among Easterners, in this recent August poll, Trump's numbers improved to 46% approve/50% disapprove.

When it comes to where voters live, large city voters-population >100k (39% approve/58% disapprove) and small city voters (44% approve/51% disapprove) are more likely to disapprove of President Trump. Small City voters (population less than 100k) were the largest increase in approval for Trum among sub-groups, with a 12% gain in approval since July. Trump does slightly better in the suburbs--47% approve/48% disapprove and he remains popular in the rural areas with 50% approve/44% disapprove.

Trump also continues to get higher marks among married voters-53% approve/43% disapprove versus single voters-31%approve/61% disapprove; homeowners-50% approve/47% disapprove versus renters-35% approve/59% disapprove, while NASCAR fans-58% approve/37% disapprove and Weekly Walmart shoppers-55% approve/43% disapprove. Trump's approval ratings remained highest among both these unique sub-groups which have traditionally given him higher approval ratings, while Trump's numbers also increased significantly among union voters from 43% approval to 51% approval in August.