In our recent nationwide online survey of 1,300 likely US voters, conducted from August 4 to August 7, 2017, Zogby Analytics analyzed voters' attitudes concerning potential 2020 presidential election horse races. What we found is Trump is in a few close races against Junior Senator from California Kamala Harris, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and is losing double digits to Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren.

It seems to be that whoever is put up against President Trump does seemingly well. This is evidenced by Kamala Harris being somewhat of a novice on the national scene and Mark Zuckerberg not outright announcing a run for the presidency. Elizabeth Warren, who is the most seasoned political opponent tested against President Trump, does the best. She also received the most support from the highly coveted young vote, which is needed by the Democrats if they are to take back any of the three branches of government.

Senator Warren receives 43% of 18-29 year olds, Trump receives 29% support and 28% are not sure. Among 18-24 year olds, Warren receives 50% support, Trump receives 20%, and a third are not sure. President Trump does well among his base but he will need to bump up his numbers among Independents. In each scenario, he does not crack 40% and is pretty close to his main opponent, except Democrat Kamala Harris, where he has a 7% lead.