If the September primary for mayor of Cleveland were held today for whom would you vote?
Candidates %
Jeff Johnson 8

Frank Jackson


Brandon Chrostowski


Zack Reed


Eric Brewer


Bill Patmon


Dyrone Smith


Robert Kilo


Tony Madalone


James Jerome Bell


Camry Kincaid


Not sure


In our recent live interviewer telephone and online survey of 504 likely Cleveland mayoral election voters, conducted from August 2 to August 8, 2017, Zogby Analytics analyzed Cleveland voters' attitudes about the 2017 mayoral race. For a full methodology please click here.

When we asked voters what the top two priorities facing the city of Cleveland were, nearly half (46%) said violent crime while a quarter (27%) stated "safety in our neighborhoods". Poverty and public education followed closely at 25% and 23% respectively.

While Frank Jackson leading with a third of the vote, followed by Zack Reed and Jeff Johnson in second and third place is not new based on polls conducted earlier in the year, Mayor Jackson is comfortably beating each of his main opponents in head to head races. Mayor Jackson is trying to make the case to voters for a fourth term but he has received some resistance, mainly in the form of voters wanting someone new. In our poll, when we asked "Do you think that Frank Jackson deserves to be reelected as mayor or is it time for someone new?", a third say the mayor should be re-elected, while 44% say someone new and 22% are not sure. This number has improved for Mayor Jackson in the last few months.

 Potential November head to head match-ups

General Election Candidates %
Jeff Johnson 30
Frank Jackson 44
Not sure 26






General Election Candidates %
Frank Jackson 46
Zack Reed 27
Not sure 27






General Election Candidates %
Frank Jackson 47
Eric Brewer 21
Not sure 33







In each possible scenario, Mayor Jackson is handily beating his opponent. Although the mayor does not crack 50% of the vote for now, he holds significant leads over Councilman Zack Reed, Councilman Jeff Johnson and former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, who represent the mayor's stiffest competition at the moment. In each scenario, there are anywhere from a quarter to a third of voters who not sure, so anything is still possible come November, but it looks like Mayor Jackson is slowly consolidating his lead in a race that has yet to show any sign of a significant challenger to the three term incumbent.

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