A brand new Zogby Analytics poll of 884 likely voters conducted November 3-November 6, 2017, with a margin of error of +/-3.3%, shows the president's approval rating drop to the lowest level since we began tracking the figure. Currently, Trump's approval rating is 37%, while 60% disapprove of his job as president. Figures are based on strongly and somewhat variables combined.

What's behind the sudden drop? Last month when we polled voters, the president's approval rating was at 44% and 53% disapproved of him. Today, almost as many voters strongly disapprove (43%) of the president as the total amount of those combined who strongly and somewhat approved of Trump last month. It's no surprise that the sudden drop in his numbers comes on the heels of Republican defeats in two important governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey, which could set the stage for the midterm elections, and deal a blow to Republicans' hopes of retaining a majority of seats in both houses of Congress.

When we dig into the numbers, we see how Trump's approval rating has become so low. Nearly three-quarters of voters (72%) aged 18-24 and 18-29 disapprove of the president and in both cases slightly more than half strongly disapprove of him. The president does maintain his support among older voters aged 65+ (49% strongly and somewhat approve) and 70+ (57% strongly and somewhat approve).

The biggest problem for the president is that his base is disappearing: 39% of males approve/56% disapprove; 28% of independents approve/64% disapprove; 39% of voters without a college degree approve/57% disapprove, and only 28% of union voters approve/69% disapprove. The approval rating with independents and union voters is astonishing-we have never seen his number this low with these groups. Among union voters, half strongly disapprove. Among republicans, his numbers are still decent, 74% approve of his job as president, but this number is down from the low to mid-eighties from a few months ago.

The final analysis is one would think his approval rating can only go up from here, but after such a crushing defeat in two governors' races yesterday, one has to wonder.

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