Results could impact which party wins the midterms


A new nationwide Zogby Poll® of 1,509 adults in the U.S. workforce (defined as adults 18+ who are working full-time or part-time or those looking for work) shows two-thirds of workers have not noticed a decent or sizable increase in their paychecks since the Republican tax cuts were passed at the end of 2017. More than a quarter of respondents surveyed answered 'yes' that they were receiving a decent or sizable difference in their paychecks, and only 6% were not sure. Most people keep a pretty close eye on their check books and bank accounts, so it's conceivable that most people surveyed are putting politics aside and speaking accurately about their current finances. This will be a big issue in the upcoming 2018 midterms as Democrats look for a 'blue wave' to take back both houses of congress. Republicans will argue that their policies have had positive effects on the economy, but it's clear from the survey data not all agree with that notion.

As for how certain sub-groups' wages faired, the data was mostly similar throughout the demographics surveyed, with exception to age, party and income. Respondents aged 23-29 (31%) were the most likely to see a decent or sizable raise in their income, while respondents aged 55+ were the least likely (21%). Republicans (38%) said they were receiving more in their paychecks compared to Democrats (21%) and Independents (24%).

When it came to income, respondents who earn $100k-200k annually (31%) were much more likely to see a pay increase compared to those who earn less than $25k (15%). The Republican tax cuts have been a very divisive issue as of late. There is a chance more people will see a bump in their paychecks, but time is running out and the November midterms are right around the corner.

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