Two thirds of millennials support 2nd amendment when Hollywood opposes



A new nationwide Zogby poll® of 869 likely voters in the U.S., conducted 2/27/18 -2/28/18 with a margin of error of +/-3.3%, has Donald Trump's job approval among likely voters at 48% approve and 50% disapprove (both strongly and somewhat approve/disapprove figures combined). Trump's job approval was strongest in the east (52% approve/47% disapprove) and south regions (52% approve/45% disapprove) compared to the Central Great Lakes (46% approve/52% disapprove) and western regions (40% approve/57% disapprove).

Millennial voters aged 18-29 (50% approve/48% disapprove) were more likely to approve of President Trump's job as commander in chief compared to older voters aged 65+ (44% approve/56% disapprove). One of the highest strongly disapprove numbers recorded was among older voters aged 65+ at 47%. Trump's numbers were also up among voters aged 18-24 years old (47% approve/51% disapprove). Men (56% approve/43% disapprove) were much more likely to approve of Trump's job as president, while women (41% approve/56% disapprove) were more likely to disapprove of the president, although Trump's numbers were up among women compared to our last approval rating in January.

The president's job approval was high among white voters (56% approve/43% disapprove) compared with Hispanic (39% approve/55% disapprove) and African American voters (16% approve/77% disapprove).

When it came to party, Trump remains strong among Republicans (87% approve/13% disapprove) and his numbers are climbing among Independents (41% approve/55% disapprove). President Trump's numbers were also slightly higher among Democrats (20% approve/78% disapprove) compared to our January figures.

There was also a large disparity of support for Trump when it came to voters' incomes; among voters earning less than $25k annually (41% approve/56% disapprove) the president got less support compared with voters who earn between $100k-$150k annually, who approved the most of President Trump's job so far as president (66% approve/34% disapprove). Trump has also seen resurgence in support among voters living in large cities (49% approve/48% disapprove) and small cities (47% approve/52% disapprove) compared with voters living in the suburbs (43% approve/54% disapprove) who are slightly more likely to disapprove of President Trump.

President Trump's approval rating is the same as former President Obama's approval rating was at this same point in the latter's presidency. Currently, President Trump is still riding high on the passage of his tax cuts; a decent economy, and some presidential gestures made with regard to the gun debate. He will look to strengthen his support among his base, and repair numbers among key demographics such as union voters, women, older voters and Independents in order to help his party win during the 2018 midterm elections.


A majority (56% strongly and somewhat support combined) of voters want to support their constitutional right to bear arms when they hear Hollywood actors and actresses speak out about gun control. This is compared to 28% (strongly and somewhat oppose combined) of voters who want to oppose the 2nd amendment when Hollywood talks about banning guns.

Among all age groups surveyed, supporting the 2nd amendment was strongest among Millennials aged 18-29 (65% support/23% oppose) and 18-24 (58% support/26% oppose). A majority of all other age groups were also more likely to want to support the 2nd amendment rather than oppose it when Hollywood talks about gun control.

Hispanics (54% support/29% oppose) were more likely to want to support their right to bear arms compared to African Americans (46% support/36% oppose) when Hollywood speaks out about gun control. The numbers in support of the 2nd amendment were much higher among white voters (59% support/25% oppose).

When it came to party, equal numbers of Democrats (47% support/37% oppose) and Independents (47% support/27% oppose) wanted to support the 2nd amendment. Republicans (86% support/18% oppose) were the most likely to want to support their constitutional right to bears arms when Hollywood talks about banning guns.

As we approach the November midterms, gun control will be a hot button issue, but according to the data, Hollywood interjecting itself into the debate makes even the Democratic base want to bear arms. There could also be an element of hypocrisy driving the numbers, since many actors and actresses have body guards who carry guns and Hollywood churns out movies depicting guns and violence. The numbers among young voters, African Americans, Hispanics and even Democrats prove the gun debate could be a tricky strategy for Democrats looking to take back power in both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.

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