A new nationwide Zogby poll® of 881 likely voters in the U.S., conducted 5/10/18 -5/12/18 with a margin of error of +/-3.3%, has Donald Trump's job approval among likely voters at 46% approve and 51% disapprove (both strongly and somewhat approve/disapprove figures combined), while 4% are not sure. His overall numbers are consistent with where they were at the beginning of March-48% approve/50% disapprove.

Since our last poll Trump's job approval has changed when it comes to region. Previously his approval numbers were strongest in the east and south. In our latest poll his numbers were weaker in the east (39% approve/57%disapprove) and western regions (39% approve/56% disapprove). At the moment, the president's numbers were strongest in the Central Great Lakes (51% approve/47% disapprove) and southern regions (49% approve/47% disapprove).

President Trump's numbers also dipped among Millennial voters aged 18-29 from 50% approve/48% disapprove to 41% approve/52% disapprove. The commander in chief's approval rating did see a surge among older voters aged 65+ (55% approve/42% disapprove)-this approval rating was up 11 percentage points since March. Nearly half (47%) of voters aged 70+ strongly approve of President Trump's job so far as president.

Trump's approval rating was also down among younger Millennial voters aged 18-24 years old from 47% approve/51% disapprove to 40% approve/59% disapprove. Men (50% approve/48% disapprove) were much more likely to approve of Trump's job as president, while women (42% approve/53% disapprove) were more likely to disapprove of the president. Trump's numbers dipped among men, but held steady among women compared to our last job approval rating in March.

The president's job approval was higher among white voters (52% approve/45% disapprove) compared with Hispanic (33% approve/62% disapprove) and African American voters 24% approve/73% disapprove). It must be noted that the president's numbers increased 8% among African Americans since our last poll in March.

When it came to party, Trump remains strong among Republicans (86% approve/13% disapprove) and his numbers are decreasing among independents (36% approve/56% disapprove).

There was also a large disparity of support for Trump when it came to voters' incomes; among voters earning less than $25k annually (39% approve/57% disapprove) the president got less support compared with voters who earn $150k+ annually, who approved the most of President Trump's job so far as president (57% approve/39% disapprove). In March, Trump had seen a resurgence in support among voters living in large cities, but those numbers decreased significantly from 49% approve/48% disapprove to 36% approve/60% disapprove. The president's job approval remained intact in small cities (48% approve/51% disapprove) compared with voters living in the suburbs (43% approve/52% disapprove), who are more likely to disapprove of President Trump. Not surprisingly, the president's numbers were strongest in rural areas where almost two thirds (64%) approved of his job and a third (34%) disapproved. On a positive note, the president's approval remains high with NASCAR fans (62%) and Walmart shoppers (51%).

President Trump's approval rating is about the same as it was in March, but his numbers decreased in areas he had made gains, mainly among Millennials, large city voters, and independents. As the mid-terms approach and his foreign policy ambitions on the Korean peninsula dominate his agenda, he will need to re-energize his base, and make more gains with groups he has had a see-saw relationship with as of late.

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